Twilight: Why it both inspires me and devastates me

8:23 PM

As I've stated before, Twilight was an inspiration for me--like many other writers. It's arguably the number one reason why YA books are selling like wildfire. I started seriously writing after reading those books. Why? What was it about them that I loved so much?

It wasn't the vampires.

Sure, Stephenie Meyer created my favorite version of vampires and I love them because of it. So did I want to write a book about vampires? No. What I did want to write was a novel involving something paranormal.
I think this quote sums up my feelings quite well:

"It may seem petty compared to the tears and heartache, the wishes for a new life, but everyday I feel the yearning, deep desire to know fantasy filled worlds, to be somewhere beyond the everyday normal. To feel the touch of magic roll across my skin, to see fantastical creatures only known in fairytales and bedtime stories. Sometimes I think I would give up my entire life just to feel that. Just once."

 That is why I love Twilight as well as so many other books that fit into that genre. I also really loved the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. That one gets compared to Twilight all the time. Some reviews have said if you just switched out vampires for fallen angels, you'd have Twilight. It's true that Bella's first encounter with Edward is in biology and that the opening scene in Hush, Hush is in--you guessed it--biology class. Too close a similarity? Maybe. But for me, outside of the biology scene (and the anti-hero thing going on), the stories are entirely different. Nora's a more interesting and sensible heroine. This doesn't stop people from going on and on about how Fitzpatrick ripped off Meyer. If you get on goodreads, you'll see endless comments on this. Blah, blah, blah, whatever.

My point is this: If Twilight hadn't blown up like it did, I wouldn't have to worry about how everyone will always compare YA books to Twilight--until the end of time. 
If it's true there are no original ideas, only new ways of presenting an idea...well, I wish everyone knew that!

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  1. Love both of those quotes! Every writer is inspired by something or someone. Even if people try to copy their favorite author, they can't. Writing is much too personal and unique to each person.

  2. Hey, just letting you know I tagged you! Check out my blog for the questionaire.


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