What I've Gained From GUTGAA

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You know what GUTGAA is, right? I'm assuming you do and if you don't, well, all you need to know is that is total awesomeness. It has been the best thing to happen to me so far as a writer. I'm a fan of lists so I'm going to list out the things I've gained from the experience.

1. Writers = Awesomesauce
Yes, all of them! I've met so many people and seriously, I wish I knew most of these people in real life. Let's be friends. I have cookies.

2. Critique Partners
I've already posted about why I love, love, love my critique partners but I specifically found a few through GUTGAA. 

3. A Killer Query
Okay, maybe it's not killer. But it doesn't suck anymore! I don't know how many drafts I did and each one sucked just as much as the first. With the help of all the awesome writers (see #1) I finally have one that works. Which leads me to number 4...

4. Requests!
I didn't get any votes for the agent round and yes, that made me sad. But, I did get votes for the small publisher round AND made it into the finals for that. From that, I got two requests! This makes me feel like dancing. It should right? I know that everyone else who got requests from either round feels the same way. And here is my virtual high-five to you! Plus, I got a full request outside of the contest--but I couldn't have done that without my killer query, right? (See #3)

5. I'm Image Googleable
This really doesn't matter but I just googled GUTGAA and found my image come up. Haha Kinda funny. Had to throw that one in.

Gearing Up to Get an Agent has been awesome X 1000. Time for that happy dance...

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