Don't Be Stupid. (Don't give up.)

7:54 PM

"I won't give up on us. Even if the skies get rough."

And by us I mean me and my goals. (Yes, we're a thing. Work with me.)
This is my short motivational speech for the day:

I spent seven long years in school and FINALLY graduated last summer. Since then, I applied to so many jobs I couldn't even keep them straight. Much like a query, I searched for jobs I was qualified for. (And yes, some of them were a bit of a stretch.) Most of the time, I didn't hear back. And we all know that no response means no thanks. Yes, it's sad and true. And the ones that did reply were generic, "Thank you for your interest but we don't feel...."

And you know the rest.

I wanted to scream and pull out my hair on way too many occasions. Did they even look at my resume? Did they SEE my work? Or was there something wrong with my cover letter that made them go nope, not for us?

I spent many ridiculously restless nights thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't have gone in to the design field. There's so many people who're good at it. Why would anyone ever pick me?"

A went to a few interviews and a couple went well, some not so much. Rejection after an interview is even more painful--In case you didn't already know that.  :)  But finally, I got "the call". 

Somebody, somewhere picked ME.

Holy crap, I couldn't believe it.

And though I still doubt myself, especially when it comes to writing, I know that it's all about finding that one perfect match. This company was looking for a specific skill set and I happened to have the perfect degree for it. (Most designers don't also have a photography degree.) I'm sure it also had something to do with being prepared and following the "guidelines". One of the interviewers said, "Oh good, you brought your portfolio." And I thought, "You mean the other people didn't? Are you serious?" That's one of the easiest parts to do right!

So don't give up. Someone out there is perfect for you, as a person, as a writer, as an employee and eventually, you'll find them.


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