Subjectivity is a Cold, Angry *****

7:56 PM

Subjectivity is the name of the game, my friends. Who wants to play?

I remember a few years ago, my Dad and I were watching the winter Olympics. Specifically, the ice dancing. Here's my recollection of the conversation we had.

Dad: I don't like watching the ice dancing. (Who's surprised?)

Me: Yeah, but it's so pretty.

Dad: Not because of what it is, but because the winners are rigged. This girl's going to win because she's a big name. She's expected to win so the judges are going to give her a better score.

At this point, I wasn't totally buying it.

But then that girl DID win. And she definitely wasn't the best. Other dancers gave a better performance with less flaws. So this led me to think: How can you determine a winner in a game that you can't judge fairly? In something like soccer or football, there's a clear winner. Someone does better and gets more point. No subjectivity needed.

It's the same with lots of things. Books, movies, television shows. What makes it good? Sure, there are technical elements that the creator needs to get right. But can you judge if those things are "right" or good even?


For instance, right now there are people out there watching Fast and the Furious 6. What the hell are they thinking? I hated the first one when I was 14. I can only imagine how much I would hate it now, so many years later.

But obviously, you can't please everyone. Which is the point. 

Another instance: Twilight. (Aren't you glad I brought this into the mix?) Clearly, TONS of people loved it. And equally clear, tons of people hated it. So imagine we're the critique partner of lovely Stephenie and we go...

"I like that Bella is kinda dumb and super clumsy. I can relate to my former seventeen-year-old self."

 But we could also say, "I think Bella is the worst Heroine. I just don't like that she has no common sense. It makes the whole thing completely unbelievable."

(I made this up on the fly so don't judge.)

So this is why subjectivity is a cold, know. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with what you've created. Not everyone will like it. Some might love it. You can't please everyone but you CAN please yourself. Take their opinions and keep what you like, ditch what you hate. 

Because after so long, if you never let go of any of that subjective advice, you too will become a cold and angry *****

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